Legendary Leg of Lamb (4.6kg~)

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Julkitchen's Legendary Leg of Lamb or L.L.L. — 14 day air cured Australian Lamb Leg. Marinated in Indian Garlic, fresh herbs and spices.


We offer the following preparation options:

  1. Delicatessen Version: Butchered and Wrapped — S$18/kg
  2. Great for BBQ: Marinated and Pre-Cooked — S$21/kg
  3. Ready-To-Serve: Slow Roasted— S$21/kg + S$80

Weight (with bone) averages between 4.2kg to 4.8kg

All our marinating ingredients are naturally sourced. We are against artificial flavoring.

  • Order must be made 48 hours in advance.
  • Pay to pre-order
  • After payment, meat will be weighted, if there is weight less,
    the sum will be refunded back to your credit card accordingly.

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